This website. . .

… is dedicated to personal development THROUGH the BODY. Coming to peace with the mind and strengthening the spirit-connection through body-mind PRACTICES. 

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What for?

Different practices have different effects and targets different issues. Some of the effects that can be experienced through these body-mind practices are:

* decreased anxiety/depression

* decreased compulsive behaviours and addictions

* increased physical health and well-being

* increased awareness of your body, mind and the connections with other people and the world around you

* a deeper connection with yourself (leading to better connections with others)

* increased satisfaction in relationships, sex, work, finances

Sounds too good to be true? 

YES, it is too good to be true if you lack dedication to practice and change and expect lasting transformation after a few exercises practiced once.


NO, it IS as good as it sounds, or BETTER! As long as you are dedicated to CONSISTENT PRACTICE, you’ll experience transformation of your body and mind that lasts.

It’s a LIFE JOURNEY of growth, STEP BY STEP. And each step can be interesting; amazing, tough, confusing, wonderful, tearful…all the colors of life. The difference when you’ve practiced a deeper presence and awareness (“MINDFULNESS” as it’s sometimes called), you’ll feel more ALIVE, because you’re present in your BODY and senses, not living ALL the time in your analytic, fantasizing, romantizing and fearful mind.

Know that there are NO QUICK FIXES for lasting transformation of deep physical and psychological issues. DEDICATION to REGULAR PRACTICE and change is KEY.

Nevertheless, you WILL experience fast or INSTANT CHANGE in body-mind! For instance through body-mind-breath practices that change the state of your nervous system, which in turn changes what you experience in your body and mind.

But if you want this change to last, you need to STICK TO your PRACTICE and KEEP GROWING your AWARENESS.

What kind of practices will I find here? 

I’ll be sharing thoughts and tools from my explorations and experiences of working with the BODY-MIND-SPIRIT connection, mainly through YOGA asana, MEDITATION, TANTRIC philosophy and practices and many OTHER kind of non-labeled body-mind practices. From time to time, I’ll also invite GUEST-TEACHERS that I highly respect to share their thoughts and tools with you.

PHYSICAL EXERCISES, BREATHING, SELF INQUIRY, PLEASURE and SEX are some of the ingredients in this soup.

Warmly WELCOME to taste it! 

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ABOUT ME (the woman behind the website)

Tove Kristiansson

My name is Tove.


I am…

…passionate about the connection of the physical BODY with mind, soul and the universe around me.


What I do

I’m a yogini & yoga teacher, in constant OBSERVATION and EXPLORATION of my own BODY, MIND and connection with SPIRIT, looking for ways to make life easier and more meaningful, but not necessarily less challenging… CHALLENGES are how we grow!

I believe in conscious DEVELOPMENT, a conscious evolution of the human species, through inner PERSONAL GROWTH.

Clearing the way back to my core, a more unconditioned, fearless and AUTHENTIC version of me. To enjoy more of the life that I’m blessed with. To be more of service to a higher good.

I believe in CONSCIOUS PLEASURE, I believe in PEACE, I believe in CHAOS. And the ENERGY that carries us through it all.

Sometimes I’m in FLOW, sometimes I’m a CONFUSED MESS. When nothing else works, I BREATHE.


On my way here…

Before landing in YOGA TEACHING and working with the body-mind-spirit connection, I worked as a consultant in hydrogeology and polluted grounds. Way before that I had a bunch of different jobs, mainly teaching (Chemistry/Physics/Maths) and caring for old and disabled people.

NATURAL SCIENCES have been my base of study, having a Master’s degree in Geosciences. It serves me in my understanding of the body, physiology and the interconnectedness with the universe around.

Years ago, I was a lot into singing and writing MUSIC, but I ended up putting the music INTO the BODY through DANCE and YOGA.


For the extra-curious

I’m from Sweden, having visited and lived in countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America.

I make my living as a yoga teacher but at the moment I’m at home taking care of my newborn daughter.

I live with my man and our little daughter and I am CHALLENGED and GRATEFUL every day. I always found intimate relationships to be challenging, but oh so VITAL for personal growth and well-being. As a friend of mine put it: IT’S ALL ABOUT CONNECTION.