How to find STRENGTH, focus and flow – in body, mind & life

Feeling tired, sluggish and out of flow in life? Go lift some weights!

(Unless you’re tired and sluggish because you’ve ALREADY lifted too many weights. In that case, you may want to balance it up with more soft and fluid training. And REST.)

This is a simplification, like everything else in life we try to describe with words, but fact is, when you find a certain quality in your BODY, you’re likely to experience the same in your mind and in your life.

So the way you train your body, is the way you’ll find your life soon after.

If you ask me, I want a balance of different elements: STRENGTH and FOCUS as well as FLUIDITY, SOFTNESS and EASE.

I find all these elements in yoga practice as well as in a good combination of trainings that increase strength, flexibility AND BREATH (let’s say cardio). With rest and RELAXATION welcomed in between.

The way you LIVE and PRACTICE (or not practice!) with your BODY will be reflected in what you EXPERIENCE in your MIND and LIFE.

Your OUTPUT will depend on your INPUT.

This goes for the MIND too. When you’re mainly thinking negative thoughts, you’re bringing yourself down and will have a negative experience.

And the other way around! Positive thoughts will more likely lead you to positive experiences.

So what’s YOUR experience? I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!


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