Part 1: PROSE When you allow yourself to FEEL uncomfortable, and learn to stay CALM, OPEN and fully AWARE in your discomfort. You ACCEPT it. You RELAX despite it. That’s when you start allowing yourself to SEE your SHADOW self. The aspects of yourself that your psyche usually doesn’t allow […]

How to see your SHADOW self

Feeling tired, sluggish and out of flow in life? Go lift some weights! (Unless you’re tired and sluggish because you’ve ALREADY lifted too many weights. In that case, you may want to balance it up with more soft and fluid training. And REST.) This is a simplification, like everything else […]

How to find STRENGTH, focus and flow – in body, ...

One summer morning, I was doing yoga in the garden. As I spread my arms into Warrior 2, stretching myself in all directions, lifting my chest and chin, standing proud, I became aware of the FEAR. The fear waiting for someone to take me down, saying something dismissive, belittling my aspirations. […]

PLAYING SMALL doesn’t serve anyone – learnings from awareness practice